Songwriting: You Can Do It!

Songwriting: You Can Do It!

Songwriting: You Can Do It! Pieces to the PuzzleIf there is anything that keeps a songwriter from realizing success is the attitude of confidence. A positive attitude can only take you so far. You must have full confidence in your ability to write songs. This is important for songwriters to understand.

Start with the right attitude

You may ask yourself “How can I have that confidence?” You may feel that you suck at songwriting or you believe that other successful songwriter’s don’t struggle at their craft. Well here some advice – Get over it!

Identify your struggles

The truth is nearly every songwriter struggles with songwriting. Struggling with self-esteem means you are looking at how you compare with other songwriter’s and using that to measure your success.  As a result you become your own worse enemy.

Take time to start writing

To begin set aside some time.  Get out a sheet of paper and write down those things that you believe you do well. These could be small tasks like brushing your teeth to being organized.  For each task or skill you have, take each one and create your own story of success.

Take an honest self assessment

Now take a few moments and ponder all the things that you truly love to do. On your sheet of paper make a new column and list all the things that you love to do.  These are the things that you could do for the rest of you life without hesitation. Now look at the two columns and draw a line to the items that appear similar.

On one side of the sheet you wrote: “I can organize things” and in the other column you wrote: “I love to write songs”.  At first the thing may appear unrelated.  However you could combine these skills and desires where you are able to organize your songs.

This would be a step toward success. Taking your unique set of skills will allow you to build a niche for success.

Discover your unique skill set

Using this technique should help you to realize that though creative thinking and writing down your unique skill set, along with your passions can create a positive attitude. Something it just takes the time to think outside of the box to learn what you excel at doing.

When is all said and done, the ultimate conclusion is: You Can Write Songs. You have within you the resources to succeed at songwriting.  You have what it takes to have success as a songwriter. I hope you are encouraged to go out there and write your song.

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