9 Different Places to Submit Music

9 Different Places to Submit Music
9 Places to submit your music

Making music demands a lot of time and creativity, but many musicians consider it to be easier than promoting their works among millions of other artists. The music industry is growing and evolving thanks to the Internet and streaming services, but the number of distribution channels is so big that it’s hard to find the right places to upload your albums.

If you want to identify the best sources, you better prepare for thorough research and hours of digging through online music review directories. An easier option is to keep reading this article and learn more about nine great channels where you can place and promote your music.

Things to Consider before Submitting

Before you rush into the game and start uploading your music, you should consider a few important factors. We don’t want to discuss it too extensively, so let’s just mention it briefly:

  • The number of users: The first thing you should think about is the number of users. If the targeted platform attracts only a handful of users, perhaps it’s not such a good idea to go that way.
  • Target audience: On the other hand, even billions of listeners won’t bring you anything good if you can’t reach your target audience. Therefore, try to combine quality and quantity when choosing the best music channel.
  • Timing: You should certainly upload the entire discography online, but new releases should be posted strategically. One of the most productive ideas is to publish new songs as part of a wider digital marketing campaign and maximize the effect of new tunes.

Where to Publish Your Music: The Top 9 Channels

We’ve come to the main segment of our article, so let’s dive straight into it. Here are the top nine channels you should submit your music to.


submit music youtube

YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform, which makes it our top pick for all of you music creators out there. The numbers are staggering as YouTube attracts two billion monthly users who watch more than a billion hours of video content every single day. In other words, YouTube grants you access to almost a third of the global population so you can definitely find the target audience on this network.


Submit music Soundcloud

SoundCloud is one of the lead music streaming services that you can use to distribute audio content and introduce it to almost 200 million users. The platform attracts both beginner-level composers and well-known show business figures. SoundCloud has a simple interface which resembles social media, so you get to discover the news and industry trends while joining different communities and discussing your artwork.

iTunes – Apple Music

iTunes Apple Music Submit Music

If you want to spread the word about your music and also try to monetize on your artistic efforts, then iTunes might as well be the most convenient solution for you. Of course, you can hardly earn a fortune through this streaming service alone, but it will get you that much-needed exposure. This is exactly why iTunes features over 50 million songs, while users enjoy the privilege of ad-free listening.


submit music Spotify

On the other side of the music spectrum is Spotify, a global leader in audio streaming services. This platform is the best solution for artists who really believe their songs have commercial potential and want to make a big breakthrough. It can give your career a major boost, but don’t expect it to do miracles if you are into alternative music styles.

Music Blogs

submit music to blogs

Music blogs are an excellent opportunity for independent artists to begin promoting their albums. The Internet is filled with blogs covering all sorts of genres, from mainstream and pop all the way to jazz and soul. Jake Gardner, a music analyst at MyAssignmentWriting and Essay Services Reviews Club, says that the most popular blogs drive enormous traffic on a daily basis: “Some of the interesting options include the likes of EarMilk and Run The Trap, but it’s up to you do research and find blogs that suit your genre.”


submit music to Submithub

Musicians who are looking for a single platform that can help them reach out to many sources should definitely test SubmitHub. The network is designed so as to assist you in approaching labels, YouTubers, radio stations, bloggers, and many more. The limited version is free of charge, but you will have to pay for a membership if you want unlimited access. 


Pandora is yet another very useful service that you can submit your music to. It does come with the approval procedure, but successful applicants can count on instant recognition and a steady influx of new listeners.

Online Radio Stations

MusicXray is an intuitive platform for musicians, songwriters, performers, and bands to submit their songs.

Traditional radio stations are by no means obsolete, but the fact remains that online radio stations dominate the music world in 2019. For this reason, you should send your albums to online music streaming platforms focusing on your genre. All you need to do is search for it using Google – we bet you will find dozens of interesting options.

Your Website

The last item on our list is quite obvious. Namely, serious musicians should always create a good-looking website and make it the first place where fans can get acquainted with their songs. It is also a chance for you to present yourself and tell visitors more about your career, tours, and style of work in general.

Submit Music Conclusion

Creating music is a challenging activity, but it’s not nearly as difficult as finding a way to promote it and reach the target audiences. This is why it’s extremely important to identify the right channels of distribution and spread the word about your artistry among listeners.

In this article, we pointed out nine places where you can submit music and attract new fans. Have you ever used any of these services? Do you know other interesting channels? We would love to learn more about your experiences, so feel free to leave a comment!

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