How To Find Inspiration For Your Song

How To Find Inspiration For Your Song

find inspiration songwritingA song is a pleasing way of expressing one’s thoughts and feelings. Words stringing together, dancing with each other forming a note, a tune, that one can go on listening to it on loop. Everyone has ideas, and all they are looking for is a platform to share their thoughts. At first, the ideas just flow through. After giving out all the intuitional ideas, it is natural to be left out with the conscience reasoning only. And that is when you actually go out and find inspiration for your song.

Some of the best ways to look out for Inspirations

A song especially its lyrics is a  melody that people relates to when they are sad, happy, enjoying, traveling, dancing, cooking or doing other tasks. Everybody possesses the artistic talent, what it only requires is for you to realize it. Try to activate your right-brain using following methods:

1) Look Beyond Your Consciousness:

There is always something left in the basket, you just have to look for it. Even when we realize that we have reached our potential, there is still some unrevealed ideas in the mind which needs to be focused upon. Interestingly, we experience a variety of moments in a day, and we just let it pass by. Hold on for a second, reflect on yourself and see what else is left for you to give to the world.

2) Pay Attention To People and Kids Around You:

Persons who are walking around you is not only a person. S/He is a story. A unique and idiosyncratic experience of an individual is an excellent source of ideas and inspiration. Every story has the latent quality of being converted into a song. Once you understand the account, you can beautifully form a song, that tells a unique tale yet is relatable to millions and billions. Look out for kids; they are always innovative. Their innocence and charm are exciting to watch. They somehow, unknowingly, say and do things that we, adults, know but fail to give attention to. Lookout for such events and learn your lessons to move ahead in life.

3) Embrace Solitude:

Accepting the fact that humans are social animals and need a sufficient amount of social interaction to function correctly. Practice solitude and focus on the ultimate power of the universe. Understand your inner desire and motivations. Try to sync these two and get exposed to the ultimate experiences and inspirations.

4) Travel To Your Past and Future:

Revisit your grandparents home. Relive your childhood memories, Talk with your friends and understand what you have missed while trying to achieve materialistic goals. A lot of your interesting stories are here,  see it, feel it, enjoy it and then write about it. This is what your past has given you. A gift that future can provide you in the present. Everyone has a desire to travel to some places if you have one, this is the time to realize this dream. Visit your dream place, get inspired and write out your experience. Mold it in a beautiful melody that everyone should listen to and get encouraged to visit the site.

At last, look at sun, moon, stars, water, and other natural sources to get inspired. E.g., Every time, we see water, we can easily relate it to calmness and at the same time understand that the water, when supported with force, can destroy life, which is a vital component to keep us alive. These along with your ideas can form a beautiful melody and when you are done with one, do share it with us.

You may also have some other way to find inspiration.  Please share your comments below.

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