What is music?

What is music?

Pitch Rhythm Dynamics

What is music?

First off to understand what is music you must understand that Music is simply a succession or combination of organized harmonious sounds.

A sound is anything that can be heard.  Music consists of sounds.  To make music requires the organization of sounds.  If a composer wants to master music it requires careful study and understanding of how music is organized.

There are three essential sounds all music contains.  These three elements are Pitch, Rhythm and Dynamics.

  • 1st Tone, treating of the pitch of sounds, as high or low

The pitch carries the harmonic element of sound.  These harmonic elements are sound frequency.  The frequency is the rate of vibration a sound will make.  The sound of the pitch is melodic.

  • 2nd Rhythm, treating the length of sounds, as long or short

The duration the pitch makes is designated by long and short and creates a rhythm.

  •  3rd Dynamics, treating of the power of sounds, as loud or soft.

Adding dynamics to a melody creates levels of energy behind tone and rhythm.  Think of this in terms of speaking.  Sometimes we shout and sometimes we whisper.  This speaking dynamic adds to the words we speak.

It would be a cliché to affirm that the first step in composing a musical composition is the ability to write one note after another, and to arrange the succession of notes in such a way as to produce an intelligible and agreeable sound. The result of this process is what is known as melody.

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