Best Productivity Tips for Songwriters

Best Productivity Tips for Songwriters
Best Productivity Tips for Songwriters

Like all creators, songwriters largely depend on inspiration. Any songwriter would confirm that, when inspired, they feel the creative power with which they can move the mountains.

But, what should you do if you suddenly run out of ideas and Euterpe, the muse of poetry and music, hasn’t been visiting you for days?

In this case, you need to take matters into your own hands and start searching for inspiration.

Don’t know where to start?

We’ve prepared a few productivity tips specifically for those songwriters who’ve been feeling increasingly demotivated and are currently experiencing the creativity drought.

1. Create a Songwriting-Friendly Workspace

First and foremost, good productivity requires an environment that facilitates it. It’s quite hard to concentrate on writing lyrics or music when you are constantly distracted.

That’s why, if you feel unmotivated to work, start by creating a songwriting-friendly workspace. Here’s what you can do:

  • Clean the space around you. It’s quite hard to keep your mind focused on any activity when your work environment is cluttered. So, put everything in order, clean your desk, and remove unnecessary objects that distort your attention and focus.
  • Get rid of distractions. In this case, we mean all the devices that might interrupt your creative process. There are apps like Forest and Pomodoro that put your devices on the timer and keep you from using them for some time, allowing you to concentrate your thoughts on writing a song.
  • Have a to-do list in front of you. When you catch your mind wondering, a to-do list on your table will be a reminder of the tasks you still have to complete.

Keeping a steady focus on work can be hard, especially for the creators new to songwriting, who have not established a consistent work routine yet. Having a clean space around you will also work well to get you in a productive state of mind and help you concentrate on work.

2. Diversify Your Activities

A common mistake that all songwriters make is overworking themselves. This way, they allegedly try to use their inspiration to the fullest. However, such an approach is counterproductive and often leads to burnout.

That’s why, no matter how much you want to work from early morning to late at night, you need to avoid that at all costs. Instead, try to diversify your daily activities as much as possible.

For instance, you can try meeting with friends, sign up for a course to learn Italian, or volunteer with a local organization. Even taking a simple walk can help you recharge and refresh your mind.

Besides, diversifying your daily activities will introduce more resources for inspiration. As you broaden your horizons, you will let more things into your life that will keep creative juices flowing and supply you with ideas for new songs.

3. Take Regular Breaks

Another mistake that many creators, including songwriters, make is relying too much on willpower. Meanwhile, willpower is an exhaustible resource, and it takes a long time to replenish it.

So, instead of overusing your willpower, try taking regular breaks if you feel that your productivity levels are dropping.

K. Anders Ericsson, a professor from Florida State University, has discovered that all elite musicians maintain productivity by having a 90-minute practice routine with a 15-minute break between each session.

According to the professor, such an approach allows the musicians to keep focused on their work, while a 15-minute break is considered a reward for their dedication. This way, intense practice doesn’t make them feel overwhelmed. On the contrary, they feel motivated to work even more.

So, if you don’t want to run out of creative juices, organize your songwriting routine in such a way that would allow a short break once in a while. During these breaks, try not to do anything that would strain your mind too much. A quick stroll around the house or a cup of coffee will do good, helping you relax and recharge.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s understandable why songwriters struggle with productivity. They rely a lot on inspiration, which is oftentimes very deceitful and can leave you at any moment.

That’s why it’s nice to have some productivity techniques at hand that would help you remain focused.

Make sure you start your practice in a clean and organized work environment. Don’t overwhelm yourself, and take regular breaks to help your mind rest and maintain a steady focus.

And, don’t build your day only around songwriting, as you might end up burning out. Try different daily activities, and you will see that such an approach will not only allow you to remain productive but will also introduce you to new sources of creative and unique ideas for your future songs.

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