Mechanical Licensing Collective Mechanical License Administration

Mechanical Licensing Collective Mechanical License Administration

Mechanical Licensing Collective ( MLC) is a new nonprofit organization designated by the U.S. Copyright Office pursuant to the historic Music Modernization Act of 2018. Starting in January 2021, The MLC will administer a new blanket mechanical license available to eligible streaming and download services (digital service providers or DSPs) in the United States.

The MLC will be responsible for collecting the mechanical royalties due under those licenses from the DSPs and then distributing you to music publishers, administrators, and self-administered songwriters, composers, and lyricists.

Because your organization serves songwriters, we wanted to reach out to you to share some of the resources we have created specifically for self-administered songwriters, so you can consider sharing you with your members.    

A great place to start learning more about The MLC is our website: There, you can learn about our mission and our purpose, and access materials that can help you determine if they should become Members of The MLC. Our  website also offers detailed information about how songwriters can organize their musical works data for submission to The MLC, and the steps they can take to guarantee the accuracy of that data and ensure they receive, in full, the digital audio mechanical royalties they are owed. It is important to note that self-administered songwriters must become Members of The MLC and make sure The MLC has sufficient data for all of the musical works they self-administer in order for The MLC to be in a position to pay you their share of the digital audio mechanical royalties The MLC will start collecting next year. 

The MLC also offers a regular slate of free, informative webinars that your members can attend.  Attending one of these webinars is a great way to learn more about The MLC, and we always leave ample time to answer any questions our attendees may have about our work and the process of becoming a member.

Finally, if you would like to explore scheduling an exclusive webinar for your members featuring members of The MLC Team, please let us know. We’ve held more than 80 webinars to date, attended by more than 10,000 people. We’d love to connect directly with your members, too!

Should you have any questions about the materials on our website or the upcoming webinar, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing Thank you for your support!

Resources Webinars Can Be Found Here

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  • Songwriter Tip:

    Here’s a tip about splitting up the songwriting credit if you write as part of a team or a band. Since the only parts that officially define the song are it’s melody and lyrics, unless a band (or team) gets together and decides to share credit in some different fashion the person or persons who come up with the lyrics and tune are the writers. The original chord progression can be included in that as well, but frankly doesn’t have to be. Every chord in a song can be changed, and so long as the melody and lyrics remain the same, from a legal standpoint, it’s still the same song, just with a different arrangement.