What Nobody Tells You About Songwriting

What Nobody Tells You About Songwriting

Writing a song with guitar pen and paperWhat nobody tells you about songwriting? If you are an aspiring songwriter, you might have asked yourself this question. Are there some things that you should know before you thread this career? Is this path even worth pursuing for? Well, these queries surely need elucidation. After all, it would be bad to leave amateurs clueless and blindsided. 

It is a common sight that songwriters don’t get enough training to get them started. In fact, we could say that it is formal education regarding songwriting is a rare thing. You can only get it if you enroll in music schools. Of course, we have to emphasize that not all music academies will offer such course. 

Songwriting is not a simple stint. Just like playing guitar and other instruments, there are some complex fundamentals that you should learn about this musical path. We are not saying that it is a rather difficult career. But at the same time, you cannot just take it lightly at all. 

If you are serious about songwriting, then you should know that it is not all fun and games. You need to learn all the ropes so that you can get the hang of it. Later on, you will be able to make something out of this endeavor.

Things You Should Know About Songwriting

1. It is a Legitimate Job

Some people always encourage us to pursue what we want, regardless of how ridiculous it may be. According to the adage, you can definitely earn by doing the things that you love. Fortunately, such thing also applies on songwriting. While it is quite a winding path, you can certainly get cash from doing this stint. 

Many talented performers and guitar players out there are constantly running out of words whenever they are trying to make a new song. Most of the time, they outsource songwriting talents to compensate for their lacking. Depending on your agreed terms, the pay could be hefty as well. 

For instance, sites like Fiverr and UpWork are a haven for many songwriters. A lot of companies and independent businesses out there who are scouring for songwriting talents. Of course, they will use it for advertising, marketing pitches, and other related applications. 

You may not get employed on a regular basis. But hey, you are still doing a job that allows you to pay the bills!

2. It is a Long Road

Songwriting is not an easy endeavor. Even if you are good in wordplay and waxing poetic lines, it is still not a guarantee that you can take this career easily. It is not an exaggeration if we will say that this a path where you need to dedicate a lot of time. Of course, you can just do a “part time” stint on songwriting. But it is a definite fact that success will become a long bow to draw for you. 

Some of the most successful songwriters that we have known have spent most of their lives in this career. We can even say that they put a steadfast pace on this career despite the ambiguity. Moreover, they did not only learn how to write a song. They also taught themselves to play other instruments such as guitars and piano. They have to learn how to complement the words with the rhythm they create. Doing all these feats are not easy. Furthermore, they would eventually consume your time. 

Do you have the guts to dedicate a portion of your life to this career? Well, it is only you that can answer that. But if you think that songwriting is something that you are born to do, then by all means, do it. There is no point in avoiding it. 

While you are honing your skills, you will eventually meet people who have the same interests. Gradually, you can build your network and make the most out of your time. It might be a long process, but definitely, songwriting is not a waste of time.

3. It Gets More Fruitful as the Years Go By

Many are quite daunted by the anxiety that songwriting won’t yield anything good in the long run. For me, it is a misconception that they should dispel already. You will never know the answer until you reach the end. The same is true with songwriting. It is true that this career is not the flashiest out there. You might not get the same accolades as what an engineer, doctor, or lawyer might get. But it still doesn’t mean that you can’t make any impact at all. That is very wrong. 

The very fact that people are fond of listening to music is hard proof that songwriters and musicians are notable creatures. Engineering, business, and law are noble pursuits and necessary to preserve life. However, music and art are the things that we live for. Some of us might be on the corporate field, doing some intricate transactions and tasks. Of course, they pay well. And some of us are using these earnings to buy our favorite albums or attend some much-anticipated concerts. 

The fulfillment that songwriting gives may not be present at the first years. But the longer you stay on this path, the more people you can reach out. It is already a great thing that you can influence these people by the songs you write. If you can make them feel something, then you have already succeeded.


These are some of the things that you might not have heard about songwriting. Well, you can say that they are not very technical. But we want to give you the broader perspective of this career. These facts will eventually serve as your benchmark so that you can already start creating wonderful pieces. As we emphasized, being a songwriter is not an easy task to accomplish. But along the way, you will definitely realize that it is an excellent endeavor to pursue. 

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