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library BooksTo help songwriters learn how to write songs this collection of learning resources was created.  Each of resources collectively deal specifically with songwriting and will provide valuable information.  Add these to your personal library.

Professional Songwriting Secrets

Professional SongwritingProfessional Songwriting Secrets takes a unique approach to teaching songwriting.  The lessons are audios interviews on how to write a song.  The advantage to this format is you can listen to each lesson in your car or ipod or wherever you may be. Add the audio mp3 into your in your player to learn songwriting ideas with ease while on the go.

Within Professional Songwriting Secrets you will find ways for creating hooks, melodies, verses and choruses. There is also information on how to develop rhymes, chord progressions, working in different genre, how to develop effective story lines and  more.

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Superior Songwriting

Superior SongwritingAs a songwriter you most likely want to improve your ability to write songs. Superior Songwriting can guide you through the process. Songwriting can be taught and is not just a random creative process.  There is a skill and craft involved.  This course  is a structured system to help you go about the songwriting process.  Avoid creative blocks with method to move you forward.  If you want to be more proficient this course can move you in the right direction.

With this resources you will not only learn how to write songs, you will also learn how to promote your songs. You song could end up in oblivion no matter how great it is if you don’t understand the principles the the song pitch. You will learn the truth about all the “hit” songs that you’ve been listening to all these years, and realize that they are build on a specific formula. Superior Songwriting WILL give you that formula.

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Masters of Songwriting

Masters of SongwritingMasters of Songwriting is not just another instruction guide on how to write and market songs. this course will definitely change the way you approach songwriting. When you get this course, you will get the downloadable e-book that will show you how to market your songs, how to license your songs and make money and how to think like an successful songwriter.

With this resource you’ll learn how to arrange yours songs, how to record your songs on an affordable budget, techniques for negotiating deals, how to license your songs in order to make money. Plus you learn how to develop the mindset that will make you think like a songwriter.

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 Creative Songwriting Video Course

Creative SongwritingTake your songs to the next level quickly with Creative Songwriting Video Course.  How Do Some Songwriters Create Huge Hits That Are Remembered for Decades, While Others Struggle to Finish an Average Sounding Song? The Ultimate Video Course On The Art And Technique Of Songwriting. The Blueprint For Mastering Your Craft As A Songwriter From Beginning To Advanced.

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Melody Writers

Melody WritersBecome melody composer. Now writing a melody is easier than you could ever imagine.  This program is designed to strengthening the melody writing skills of songwriters.  You will get an array of tools and concepts never previously available to songwriters and composers.  Learn comprehensive methods with rhythm and melody tools for writing melody.  Learn how a melody is as  available as oxygen, the tools for finding their favorite melodies from the infinity of possibilities, strategies for turning them into songs that their music fans will love

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 Easy Home Recording Blueprint

Pro Quality Home Recording Easier and FasterIf you record your songs at home (or you want to), and you want a ton of great advice to start making awesome sounding recordings quickly and cheaply, this valuable resource is for you  Learn how you can produce music using this astonishingly simple step-by-step method to record hit-quality songs at home.   When you learn to produce music, it’s important to always keep your creative imagination as your first priority. Anyone can learn to record music effectively and use the tools of the trade, but those who go on to be great producers are the ones who use sound to tell a story.  Learn the language and emotional power of sound and the whole world will listen.

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Music Theory Principles

Learn Music Theory Principles Fast with the Get it Down Cold Music CourseAt last, a home study music theory course for the rest of us.  Music theory course learn to read music like a pro spending only 10 to 15 minutes a day, in under a year.  A fast and easy method to learn and master rhythm, intervals, key signatures, scales, chords, and harmonic systems without brain damage or a college education.  With this music theory course you can build the foundation for working with music quicker than you realize. Armed with this knowledge you will be taking on more advanced concepts in no time at all.

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Songwriting Science

Songwriting ScienceSongwriting isn’t only talent, it’s a science. In this course David Jasmine will teach you everything you need to know about making a living as a songwriter.  The Songwriting Science program is composed of comprehensive modules that provide the information you need from knowing how to write an entire song, how to be creative in the process, how to write the actual lyrics, to learning all about recoding, making a demo, and even the legal aspect of the music business. If you want to make it really big in the music business as a songwriter, this course is a must-have.

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Loopmasters Royalty Free Samples Loopmasters primary aim is producing flexible sample libraries for producers and musicians who required top quality playing from seasoned professionals to integrate into and inspire their music. Loopmaster desires to provide songwriters and music producers you with the best samples and music software that money can buy.

Loopmasters Royalty Free Samples

Learning Materials for Everyone at MusiciansFriendMusician’s Friend, understands the importance of getting gear that’s the best fit for you. Whether you’re on the couch or on the road, they understand that your set-up should be uniquely yours. Their goal is to help you find exactly what you want by providing a custom-tailored shopping experience that reflects your musical journey and interests, resources to help you choose the perfect gear and a helpful community that’s always there to answer any questions you have.



Guitar TricksGuitar Tricks is a site that enables guitarists of all levels – from beginners who didn’t know how to hold a pick, to seasoned experts who wanted to improve their playing – to develop their skills. In every style imaginable, from blues to rock to country to classical and beyond. In the fourteen years since its inception, Guitar Tricks has established itself as the premiere guitar lesson site on the web.


TuneCoreTuneCore is all about music promotion and getting your music heard and available to buy. They want you to earn money from your music and make a living doing what you love. TuneCore believes that all artists should have affordable access to all channels of music distribution, get all of the money generated from the sale of their music, and all without giving up any of their master recording ownership, copyrights, merchandise rights, live performance income, public performance royalties or any other rights or money.


Write Songs That Sell

How to Write Songs That SellThis songwriting resource outlines specific and effective techniques for writing melodies, lyrics, chord progressions and even new song ideas.  The best information on melody writing, lyric writing, chord progressions and even coming up with song ideas. Teaches you two methods for writing a song from start to finish. There’s a ton of songwriting information in this package that will get you writing better melodies, lyrics and chord progressions in no time.

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A to Z Music LicensingComprehensive Program That Explains In Detail How Musicians, Songwriters or Music Producers Can License Their Music For Use In Television And Films. Start Generating Income From Your Music. An In-Depth, Comprehensive, Fast-Track Education In Music Licensing.

A to Z Music Licensing

Affiliate Disclaimer

I am disclosing that each products and links to those products on this resource page will earn an affiliate commission for any purchases you make. Our goal is to help you with your songwriting challenges, but please understand this as a for-profit business.  We only promote products or services that we feel deliver value to you.  If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me by using the contact page.


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  • Songwriter Tip:

    A song is composed of several items. A stanza is similar to a paragraph in a book. A stanza is a section of grouped lines. Usually a song will have multiple verses and a chorus. A verse is a stanza or two of lines that give the details of the song. The chorus is a section of lines that generally contain the catchiest part of the song. Usually the chorus contains a songs hook. A hook is a phrase of words or music that catches the listeners ear and if the listener remembers anything of the song, it’s usually that part.

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