The Creative Craft of Lyric Writing Explained

The Creative Craft of Lyric Writing Explained
Creative Craft of Lyric Writing Explained

Let’s forget about all the technique that goes into lyric writing and let’s look at why you like creating amazing lyrics in the first place. Professional songwriters know that lyric writing is all about what works for you creatively and not so much about the technical things. Lyric writing can present problems in many different ways and technique will help you move past these problems really easily, but just going with what feels right for you is the key to good songwriting.

Your purpose as a songwriter should be to write lyrics that are relatable, memorable, and inspirational. Writing lyrics that listeners can relate to, starts with digging from your own real life situations or emotions. Lyrics that listeners consider memorable starts with you as a songwriter, because as you are writing the song, the melodies and ideas are at their freshest, which means in that moment if the song does not feel right to you, it’s not right. Everything about the song, the moment you are writing it, should make you want to write more and see where the song ends up. If you are not feeling it, nine times out of ten, it does not have that memorable element for you.

Another way to get an idea of how memorable your lyrics could be is to have friends and family listen to the lyrics and see if your lyrics excite them on the “FIRST” listen around. Lyrics that inspire are lyrics that make a listener want to hear it over and over again. When you have effectively made sure you involve relatable, memorable, and inspirational lyrics, you are tapping into lyrics that will translate into good songs.

Lyric Writing: Take Your Song From Good To Hit Record

Another area about lyric writing I want to speak on is the difference between writing lyrics and creating a song. Writing good lyrics should be your first focus but writing lyrics that can translate well as a song is also important because you want your lyrics to be represented like they should be.

So let’s say you write some lyrics that you feel are good from the top of its head to the bottom of its feet, now what? Once you complete all the lyrics to each section and you love them, you need to be thinking about the other ways you can represent your lyrics. Different ways to take your lyrics to the next level are:

  • Find a Recording Engineer to Help Record Your Vocals
  • Learn the Basics of Overdubs and Harmony
  • Get Your Finished Song Mixed To Compete With the Major Label Artist
  • Get Your Lyrics Copyrighted With the U. S Copyright Office in Washington, D.C

Lyric Writing: Go With Your Gut Feeling

Writing lyrics will present itself differently to everyone, but that’s the beauty of it, this allows you to write songs your way, with your spin. Even though I said I wasn’t going to focus on technique for this post, I must say that technique is important because it gets you out of a lot of mess when trying to write lyrics that’s going to be effective enough to be considered memorable to potential listeners.

Lyric Writing may seem difficult but it’s not, you just have to practice as much as possible. Professional lyric writing is all about being creative first then technical. Lyric writing should be fun and not overly thought, just go with the flow and let the technical things slowly make their way into your lyric writing regimen.   The only thing I suggest is that you focus on creating music that moves you first. Lyrics that feel right for you, will feel right for others, unless of course you’re one of those people that lie to themselves.

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