Songwriting That Comes From Your Heart: How to Find It?

Songwriting That Comes From Your Heart: How to Find It?

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Songwriting is an art that is as old as the history itself. It dates back to the ancient times and thus there is no way you can talk about human civilization without talking about it. Music writing process has continued to evolve from a simple art to a more complex process leading to the emergence of professional musicians, writers, dancers etc.

Although music is meant to entertain, it engages its audience more if it conveys a certain message. Have you ever witnessed the launching of a new song and a few weeks later it fades? Or have you ever listened to a track playing on the radio but you feel like changing the frequency even before it ends? I believe no artist would like their songs to suffer this kind of fate.

For these reasons, if you are an upcoming artist and you are intending to produce a nice piece of music: a TV commercial, show etc, below are some good songwriting ideas that can make song writing dream come true.

Developing a chorus or a hook

The most difficult thing in songwriting is starting off. Organizing thoughts around an issue that you want your new track to be about isn’t easy but if you already have an idea, then you can develop a chorus or progression key.

Once that is done, then you can note down your song’s title and then write lyrics around it, but if you are unable to do it, don’t worry as this method isn’t for everyone.

There are others who start by composing a killer introduction and the rest falls into its place and there are also others who start with lyrics and then work on the tune.

Capturing spurs of inspiration moments

This is one of the most basic songwriting tips any artist worth their salt will tell you about. Most artists interviewed by media talk of music being an innate thing. Meaning it is not something they can explain well about.

The reason is that song ideas appear like a flash across one’s mind. You could be having your breakfast, eating or sleeping and the idea crosses your mind. You should note it down on a paper or record it immediately. Do not say that you will do it later as you won’t to recall the exact words or tune. How would you feel if you forget to recall that fine and beautiful tune you have been dreaming of? Terrible!

Keep the song simple at first

When you start writing a song, try to keep as simple as you can but as the song takes shape, then you can add more structures. Even great songs with several band pieces started as simple songs but later other instruments like drums, guitars etc were added.

Do not be afraid of failing

Failure is part of a learning process and no one should call you a failure because of failing. Problem is repeating the same mistake. If you are out there and you are struggling to make it real, then you are not lost and success is nigh.

Success comes only to those who try and above all, those who are determined and focused to their goals. There is no any known formula for making a song and as John Cash once said, it is one’s talent, hard work and attitude that matter.

Look for someone to review your work

Song writing can be a tiresome process and more so, to a beginner. Some people find it hard to review their own progress and therefore cannot find mistakes in their work. Instead, you can ask someone you trust to review and critique it with a view to improving it. This someone must be a person who is not afraid to hurt your feelings, yet somebody who will tell things as they are.

As we have seen, there are many music writing tips but there is no known standard procedure. For this reason, all one should do is to follow their heart and pick what works for them but one thing all writers appear to agree, is that any inspirational flash should be recorded ASAP.

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