If you ever take time to analyze modern pop songs you will find that they have many element in common. Understanding these elements may increase your chance for success. Will it guarantee success? In life there are no guarantees. But, doing certain thing the right way will increase the odds in your favor.

In baseball there is a thing called the “sweet spot” That is a location on the bat that provide maximum performance from the bat. When the ball hits the sweet spot just right the result is usually a home run. Does the ball always contact the sweet spot? Of course not. But, the hitter practices and strives to make it happen. In song there are also certain “sweet spots”. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Think this information as a blueprint you can follow when you write or rewrite your songs. It may seem easy but you will soon find out that writing to these specs will be a tough job. Hitting these points in a song take skillful and innovative writing ability.