Slow Shuffle Drum Loops

Shuffle Drum Loops For Songwriters

The shuffle rhythm is built on an 8th note rhythmic feel. These notes are then subdivided into triplets.

To get the shuffle feel the 8th note alternate between long and short note values. The longer note fall on the beat while the short beat goes in between on the upbeat. Essentially the 8th note is played as a triple with the middle note not played. Another way to look at it is the first 2 notes of the triplet are tied together.

The shuffle beat is also called swing rhythm.

Use these shuffle drum loops to help you create a groove for your song. Writing to a beat is a great way to build mood and feel.

Take one of the chord progressions you created and play along with the loop of your choice.

Here are some sample shuffle drum loops you can use for writing songs. These beats are characterize with a strong 4/4 meter.

Shuffle Loop #1

Shuffle Loop #2

Shuffle Loop #3

Shuffle Loop #4

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