Are You Missing Memorable Melodies In Your Song?

Writing Memorable Melodies

Are You Missing This Valuable _________ memorable ________ Step?

According to hit songwriter, Jason Blume, the The First Four Steps  to Songwriting  Success Are:

  1. Developing successful song structures
  2. Writing effective lyrics
  3. _______ memorable ________
  4. Producing successful demos

Are you missing step 3?

I don’t know about you but I have been looking high and low for information on how to

_________ memorable ________

Instead I found plenty of sites that tell me all about

Developing successful song structures.

I found heaps of sites and forums that tell me about

Writing effective lyrics .

And many more that tell me about

Producing successful demos

But not a single one that tells me how about

3. _________ memorable ________

That is, until a friend told me to go here:  Site no Longer Available

Wow! I found a site that was solely dedicated to helping me grab all the skills and tools needed for _________ memorable ________

(In fact, it’s taking me ages to download all the free goodies!)

Thanks to Melody Writers  I now know what I need to do and the skills I need for
3. _________ memorable ________ .

I’m excited that you can can too. Check out This valuable resource.

Answer to the question is “Writing Memorable Melodies

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  • Songwriter Tip:

    Here’s a tip on the final stage of the songwriting process, the Demo. One thing you always need to keep in mind before you submit anything to anyone. A good producer or music publishing house will always see through and glitz or pizazz that you may have added to the demo in an effort to cover up whatever weaknesses that the song may have. If the song is lacking, they will know it and you will know it. You cannot hide a flawed song with fancy production techniques. Take the song back to the drawing board and rework it or start all over.