How To Be A Better Songwriting Collaborator

How To Be A Better Songwriting Collaborator

Better Songwriting Collaborator TechniquesMany successful songs are written with a team of songwriters. It is very rare to find someone who writes alone. Collaboration provides a powerful synergy that helps create better songs. This is why you need to be a better collaborator. Taking the time and effort with this skill will pay dividend in these areas artistic, profession as well as social skills.  These ideas can be used on a daily basis even outside the realm of artistic endeavors. Here are some tips on  how to be a better songwriting collaborator:

Be Inquisitive

Often a solution does not reveal itself immediately.  Rarely is it the first idea on the table.  But better solutions arrive by making current ideas better. Being inquisitive can make a mundane solution into a superior solution. This will fuse the best ideas of each participant. Take an idea and massage it with the team. Be willing to experiment. Poke and prod the ideas.

Use Your Ears As Much As Your Mouth.

Balance your time speaking and listening. Don’t just listen but also contribute by verbally sharing your ideas. Keep in mind that your ideas can easily spark other valuable ideas.  On the other side of the coin make sure you also listen and consider other ideas.

Seriously Consider Everyone’s Contributions

Hopefully you won’t have a goof off on your team.  There is value in everyone’s ideas.  Don’t discount the contribution of other in your group.

Be Serious Regarding the Project

The end result of your songwriting collaboration should result in having the finished song shared with the public. Take the time and effort to move in a direction that makes the song as polished as possible. Time will be invested by everyone involved.  Therefore take the project serious.  Focus on completing a polished song suitable for public performance.

When Critiquing Be Constructive

Watch your words.  Avoid tearing down the contribution of other team members.  Don’t bluntly discredit their ideas.  With criticism provide alternate solutions or other ways to improve the idea.  Furthermore, explain the reasons why you believe the idea being presented won’t work.  Point out any problem that may occur.  Make sure that you don’t allow your emotions to color your comments.  When presenting your case be courteous.  Show alternate ways that reveal a different path of the original core idea.

Be Willing to Give and Take

You will never going to get everything you want. There needs to be cooperation between team members.  There may be a lot of push and pull.  That’s fine.  But to be a true collaboration no one person should get everything they want. This is a good thing.  It makes the song a product of each person’s input.  It allows each member to address each issue. This results to an improved song.

Keep Communications Channels Flowing

It is frustrating with a collaborator does not return email or phone calls.  By not responding it hinders the project that can lead to a dead end. Communication is the very essence of collaboration Therefore a lack in communication is unacceptable. Be a good team member and answer your phone calls and email in a timely manner.  Above all make sure you keep communication open.

Respect Other Team Members Time

Be to meeting on time.  Remember when and where meetings occurring.  If you have trouble remembering then keep a calendar. You could also set up some sort of alert on your phone or computer. If you are going to be late to a meeting or providing a specific task be courteous and let your collaborators there is a problem or issue. By being on top of things by communicating problems, you will help the other collaborators feel better.  This can eliminate any ill feelings toward you; making the possibility of assistance greater.

Be Considerate

This goes without saying.  Nothing can obstruct collaboration more than a harsh personality. It is important to keep thing serious.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Revision is part of the process.  Creativity is built on a pleasant environment. The presence of harsh criticism can create an atmosphere of fear.  This creates an environment that makes it difficult to be free to express ideas.  This will limit the creativity of the group and can result in mundane, safe, unimaginative ideas. Everyone needs to feel safe to share ideas no matter how bizarre they may be.

Be Willing To Do Some Dirty Work

A well formed team of collaborator comes with certain skills that will make the project better.  There are lyricist, musicians and composer coming together.  Sometimes it is beneficial to do some dirty work; especially when you have the right skill to do it. For a collaboration to work, everyone needs to dig in.  Sometimes they result in needing to go above and beyond to make the project a success.

These ideas will help you be more productive and hopefully create betters songs when working with others on your song project.  If you have additional insights or experiences with collaboration please include your comment below.  Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Practice these things an you can become a better songwriting collaborator.

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