Q20 Songwriting tips for lyricists, poets and songwriters

Question 20: I’m a lyricist and I’ve been in contact with a musician on the Internet who wants to write some music to my lyrics. Should I be concerned that he will take my lyrics and write music to them and then just take credit for writing the whole song (words and music)? Music publishers in the commercial market place look for complete songs, words AND music –. Therefore, if you write ONLY words or ONLY music, you need to find a collaborator. I have written some very good songs with people I have never even met in person. Lyricist’s send me lyrics through e-mail or regular mail. I then compose music to them, and record them in my studio. The answer to your question is this: I would not be concerned about someone stealing your lyrics. If you’re still a little worried about it all you have to do is mail your lyrics to yourself by registered mail, do not open the envelope and put it away in a safe place. You will have your copyright proof that you wrote those lyrics at a certain date in time. Be sure to put the copyright notice with your lyrics. A small Ó with a circle around it, followed by the date and your name. Example: © Jan. 1st, 2011, Your Name. Lyrics by (Your Name) Copyright Information, or what I like to call (Safe Songwriting) is dealt with in detail in Chapter 7, of The Songsculptor Method songsculptor.com Richard Melvin Brown (Songsculptor) provides a helping hand to lyricists (with little or no musical ability) in realizing their dreams of becoming a


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Q20 Songwriting tips for lyricists, poets and songwriters

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