Q16 Songwriting tips for lyricists, poets and songwriters

Question 16: Should I try and send my material directly to big name artists or is this just a waste of time and money? If you are one of the lucky ones and just happen to know a big name entertainer, by all means pitch your material to them. If they like you enough, and if they like your song enough, they just may be able to talk their record company and/or record producer into allowing them to record it on their next album. But, if you are like the rest of us and don’t hang out with the big stars then getting your material to them can be very difficult to say the least. If you want to spend your time and money trying to find address’s for them and sending them material then I wish you all the best. BUT, do understand that the traditional “song chain” works like this: songwriters go to music publishers; music publishers go to producers, artists and record companies, and SOMETIMES the song gets recorded. Therefore, I would suggest that you focus on the first level: Music Publishers. Once you sign a song to a publisher, he or she co-owns the copyright and is entitled to a share of the royalties, usually 50 percent. In exchange, the publisher takes care of all the paperwork, and uses his or her reputation and contacts to try to get the song recorded by a major artist. Because most publishers have professional songwriters on staff who write songs for them full time, getting in to see someone may be difficult. To see a music publisher, We suggest: 1. Follow up on any industry


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Published: 2011-03-20 17:17:30
Q16 Songwriting tips for lyricists, poets and songwriters

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