Q13 Songwriting tips for lyricists, poets and songwriters

Question 13: Should I be worried about what key I write my song in, I’ve heard that using so called open guitar chords is better, such as in the key of E or A, is this true? You should try to write your song in the appropriate key for the singer that is going to demo the song. Or, if you are not a singer, write your song in a key that you particularly like and are comfortable writing in. If you are going to be the singer on your demo, write your song in a comfortable key for you to sing in. Chances are if your song becomes recorded by a major artist they will be doing it a different key anyway, One that is suited to their vocal range. The best key to write in is the one that suits the singer the best. If the singer doesn’t sound good singing it, chances are it will be passed over. The two most important things in a song are: 1. The song itself and 2. The singer singing it. It’s not necessarily what key your song is in that is important, as how it is presented. The average person doesn’t know what key your song is in when listening to it. In fact, unless you are one of the very few people on this planet that is blessed with perfect pitch, Also known as Absolute Pitch, the ability to know what note or “group of notes” are being played just by hearing them, then every key sounds pretty much the same as any other key. So then, what is the best key to write in? Write it in the key of GOOD. That is any key that you are most comfortable writing in, and whatever key makes your


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Q13 Songwriting tips for lyricists, poets and songwriters

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