Achieving Success With Your Music | Common sense tips on marketintg, A&R, songwriting and increasing the income you make with music. This video was presented by Disk Makers and Taxi. Lecturers are Michael Laskow, CEO of A&R company TAXI and Tony van Veen, President of Disc Makers. I attended this lecture in 2007 and though some of the information may be a little dated, I’m sure you’ll get some use out of it. You can view my article “37 Recording Tips | A Valuable Guide to Making the Most of Your Time in the Studio” at http The YouTube vid is also included. Subjects covered in this lecture: 1. What you should NEVER say when an A&R person calls you. 2. What makes an artist or band instantly signable. 3. How good your demos really have to be. 4. How to dramatically improve your songwriting overnight. 5. How to record better demos for little or no money. 6. How to make money getting your songs in movies and TV shows. 7. How to double your mailing list with practically no effort. 8. How to dramatically increase your CD sales. 9. Radio airplay: myth or reality for independent artists? 10. How to get distribution and not get burned.


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Published: 2011-03-13 17:19:06
Achieving Success With Your Music

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