How To Write A Great Song: What Is A Great Song? This is the introductory video where we discuss the “songwriting formula” used in the MAINSTREAM music industry. This video is more of a disclaimer as there is no “one way” to write a song, but this is an effective and easy method to use to enhance your songwriting. The next video “The Songwriting Formula” will have them method itself. NOTICE: The reason I am behind the guitar is because this video is about the “songwriting formula” and I wanted to focus on that, and not me being any kind of “personality” on YouTube. Focus on the music. Any trolls or negative comments will be ignored… this is about spreading information and helping those who do not know how to write songs. Enjoy! TRANSCRIPTION: What is a great song? This is a very subjective question. What one person likes may not be what someone else likes. For instance, you may not like rock but like country, or vice versa. Really, the “style” of music is usually what is in debate on what is the “best”. Still, its just a matter of opinion. However, all these different styles (pop, rock, hip-hop, r&b and country) have something in common. When you hear the Top 40 songs on the radio or tv, regardless of style, the songs have a “formula” to their song structure. Really, since the 80’s the music industry has been pretty hell bent on using this formula, and after years of writing music as performing, I can now see why… IT WORKS. Songwriting is now a science in the music industry. And yes


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Published: 2010-06-24 10:51:09
How To Write A Great Song: What Is A Great Song?

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