How To Write A Great Song: The Songwriting Formula This video we talk about the “songwriting formula” that is used in Top 40 MAINSTREAM radio. This is just one method for writing music in a easy to use format. Check out the other videos which include song examples. NOTICE: The reason I am behind the guitar is because this video is about the “songwriting formula” and I wanted to focus on that, and not me being any kind of “personality” on YouTube. Focus on the music. Any trolls or negative comments will be ignored… this is about spreading information and helping those who do not know how to write songs. Enjoy! TRANSCRIPT: The “SONGWRITING FORMULA” Okay… so here it is… the core of the formula used in most Top 40 music heard on the radio. You ready… here is the SIMPLE formula… Verse1 – Chorus1 – Verse2 – Chorus2 – Bridge – Chorus3 That’s it. Now there are certain variations to this (such as intros, pre-chorus, etc.) that are like attachments to this basic formula. But overall this is the nucleus of great songwriting. Now let’s explain the parts individually, with their function, and you will then be able to hear this formula from this point on when listening to the mainstream radio. VERSES: Basically, this is where you can tell a story. Sometimes it rhymes, sometimes it doesn’t. Depending on the style of music, use your discretion. Overall, this is where you “tell a story” CHORUS: Alright, this is the part where people slip up. The secret is to make the chorus SIMPLE. This is also known


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Published: 2010-06-25 00:23:43
How To Write A Great Song: The Songwriting Formula

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