David Allen Slater – How I Write a Song (Behind the Scenes)

To all those aspiring songwriters out there and to the those who may just be curious about how another songwriter, like myself, goes about writing a new a song……………… In this video I share my thoughts and the steps that take place as a new musical idea starts to take on shape. This is more than just an instructional video, it is an actual moment in time that I captured just after inspiration had set in. I did as I often do and made a rough demo so that I would not forget it and could come back to it later to continue where I left off. At the time this took place, I had been up all night and was just about to go to bed when musical inspiration took hold. As I went to save it in a recording, I had the idea to do more with it by sharing this part of my process with others. There are tips that I have included to help you with the craft of songwriting as well as giving you a unique glimpse into one of my own moments of inspiration. This is not a complete guide to tell you how to write a song, it is just how I do it. Everyone goes about things differently when being creative but you can still learn and get new ideas from other songwriters on how to improve on your own writing process. That is why I decided to share this part of my own process with others. I hope you enjoy peering behind the curtain as I unveil a more personal view on my own songwriting process. Stay inspired, keep writing and inspire someone else whenever you can…… PEACE, David Allen Slater


Author: davidallenslater
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Published: 2011-08-05 23:23:47
David Allen Slater – How I Write a Song (Behind the Scenes)

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