Behind Psalm One the song

This is more of the “what moved me” to write Psalm One. A large part of it (for those who don’t want to listen) is basically how I fell in love with Open Chordal tuning’s after hearing a Michael Card song “Search me and Know me”. Also it was one of the first lullabys I wrote for my daughter. Sonically and melodicallly I love this sound and texture This video is for those who are exploring songwriting– I have found it is always helpful to absorb what others have done, how they went through the process, because each one is unique. It shows how the Creativity in Jesus displays itself — how he can redeem something fallen, and “RE-CREATE” it for his Glory. Soli Deo Gloria


Author: BabyAlbatrossMusic
Duration: 575
Published: 2012-04-24 20:22:53
Behind Psalm One the song

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