Tutorial: Songwriting: How to write song lyrics

***Follow me on twitter twitter.com I get a lot of messages asking how to write songs. The truth is, there is no right or wrong way! Sing about how you feel and if it sounds good then it is good! These are just some tips if you get stuck or need help getting started! I don’t know how much help they’ll be, but I hope they help a little! Check out my original song “In this life of Mine” before you watch! www.youtube.com Post videos of songs you write as a video response and I’ll be sure to watch! Or send them to me as a message if you don’t want to share them with everyone yet :) Lyrics If this would be my final breath, would I look back to find regret, And have I wasted too much time, Here, In this life of mine. I hear a whisper in the wind. It asks me where will I begin, To find a path that I will take, cause no one else can lead the way. How can I say if I’m still real? when I’m the last to know my own secrets. Somewhere, I’ll find a place. None of this will matter. Somehow, I’ll find a way, someway to recover. There will still be days when I won’t recognize myself. I’ll watch my world fall apart, and it can take my dreams, there will be more to chase in this life of mine. A part of me has disappeared, but what is left will be repaired, to finish off what’s still for me. Here, in this life I lead. And still I wonder why I’m here, and why so many people care. A second strikes. A day gone by, In my only piece of forever. Somewhere, I’ll find a place. None of this will


Author: alyssataubin
Duration: 551
Published: 2009-08-16 18:53:57
Tutorial: Songwriting: How to write song lyrics

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