Songwriters Circle Challenge DAY 8 – Scrambled Eggs Songwriters Circle January Challenge DAY EIGHT – Scrambled Eggs Today’s task involves composing a new tune, using nonsense words as the scaffolding. Paul McCartney famously composed his big hit ballad “Yesterday” with the words “Scrambled eggs” as a placeholder, and then wrote the eventual lyrics later. So today we are going to try the same method, and if we stick to using appropriate breakfast items we can’t go wrong can we? Beans on toast…. Sunny side up…. Muesli and yoghurt.. Black coffee and a croissant.. STEP 1 Choose your breakfast items Whatever you choose, use it to set the phrasing to start off your new melody. You could just sing it or hum it, as long as you can repeat the same tune once it has settled down. Or use an instrument to pick out the melody, while keeping the breakfast phrase in mind. Now there are two approaches I can think of for composing tunes. One is to start with part of a chord sequence, and riff along on the vocals until something solidifies, and the other is to pick out a melody on its own, one note at a time. STEP 2 Make up a Tune for it If you normally use the first approach, then try the second for this exercise. So if you are going to use a guitar for the tune, just pick out a tune on one or two strings, one note at a time. Likewise on a keyboard instrument, this is a one finger exercise. Ideally use a single note instrument such as a tin whistle, recorder, ocarina something like that. In fact why not try


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Songwriters Circle Challenge DAY 8 – Scrambled Eggs

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