SONGWRITING: Chords from a Textural Point of View Search Andrew for FREE lesson Handouts. This Video: September 28, 2010 | Search Videos by Date. Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question… Q: Hi Andrew, I’m a long time subscriber, first time question submitter! I’m looking for some tips on using chords for their essence and their character. Kind of like you hear chords used in movie sound tracks & for TV show themes. Ya see, a friend of mine wants me to play some music in their video project, but I’m used to writing songs, ie; verse, bridge, chorus, etc. And, leaving behind the standardized motion of chord movement (found in a typical song) is proving very difficult for me. Got any tips you can give me for writing chord progressions like this? Thanks for awesome guitar lessons, – James, Portland, Oregon A: Composing chord changes like you’ve described is most certainly a very different approach than say, writing chord changes for an average; rock, country, pop, or jazz tune. In popular music, chords are usually functioning within a key center, they’ll conform to a harmony and they’ll often have a specific recurring groove. Sometimes it’s necessary to understand how to both play and write changes that operate in a way that ignores a good deal of what we take for granted. The complete lesson article for this video will be available on the Creative Guitar Studio website shortly. Follow me on Twitter for lesson posting announcements


Author: creativeguitarstudio
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Published: 2010-09-28 14:27:56
SONGWRITING: Chords from a Textural Point of View

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