IV VI IV – 4 Chord Song Harmony/Songwriting Tutorial

A Tutorial on the harmonic workings of the IV vi IV chord progression. This major key chord progression is abundant in 20th and 21st centuries pop and rock music. It really is a generic pop hit formula, which you can see by the success of songs that have been composed with this progression over the last couple of decades. The Australian band “The Axis of Awesome” compiled a great collection of pop hits in their “4 Chords” song (www.youtube.com Although it’s been around for a while, it obviously is still possible today to come up with great music using IV vi IV as eg. Adele managed to to with “Someone Like You”. You can achieve this by writing a good melody, using interesting rhythms and not to forget, fresh sounds and modern instumentation. This tutorial by Oliver will help you to understand the theoretical background and enable you to generate this progression in any major key. This film is part of the Music Tutorial series by TonarbeitenMEDIA. We offer music and video services (on location & online – based in Cologne, Germany) Please check out: www.youtube.com Oliver Wojteczek www.ow-music.de http Moritz Weissinger www.moritzweissinger.de www.soundcloud.com www.reverbnation.com/tonarbeiten www.myspace.com/tonarbeiten


Author: TonarbeitenMEDIA
Duration: 221
Published: 2012-03-08 15:51:03
IV VI IV – 4 Chord Song Harmony/Songwriting Tutorial

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