Getting Started with How To Write A Song

We’re focused primarily with the beginner or intermediate songwriters and those that wanting to define and refine their songwriting skills more and more…We’ve got the Podcast, Blog and the Academy. Tons of materials that would really help you in advancing your songwriting skills at a much faster pace

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Published: 2011-07-13 22:00:56

Getting Started with How To Write A Song

2 Comments on “Getting Started with How To Write A Song

  1. i want to write my first song ever and i haven’t ever written before so i need help on how to write a song

    • This is awesome that you want to write your first song. I am sure it won’t be your last. I think the first thing you should do is get great song title. Everything builds from that. A great song title will help you develop your song concept and ideas. Hoping the best for you.

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