Rob Baird – Songwriting Advice

Carnival recording artist, Rob Baird, shares advice to aspiring songwriters. Rob Baird says growing up in Memphis, a city suffused with music, it was impossible not to pick up the guitar as a kid. And later, pilfering his sister’s record collection, Tom Petty and band’s “don’t bore us get to the chorus” approach to song structure, melded with Baird’s affinity for darker-themed lyrics of Texas writers like Chris Knight and other legends. On his debut Blue-Eyed Angels out August 31st (Carnival Recording Company), the 23 year-old brings those influences to bear, most notably on the title track, a tale about the emptiness of the world’s oldest profession, made lighter with a chorus that jingles.

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Published: 2011-10-10 14:49:15
Rob Baird – Songwriting Advice

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