Songwriting Tips: Finding Your Voice Part 1 Welcome to the our songwriting tips for song writers who want to write good songs and learn to do other stuff good too. Here we discuss, through songwriting tips, how a song can be approached from a wide range of cultures, audiences and expectations. Whether you are a singer with a guitar and a story or a theory-crazed wino writing your Opus for the last 40 years, these songwriting tips are basic and essential. In order to find your musical voice you have to first define for yourself what music is. And in an age of limitlessness, limitations are your greatest ally for songwriting. So lets start with the basics. What is music and what in the heck is the difference between that and just plain old sound? Music Assignment: Spoon Song This brings me to this video’s assignment, the spoon song. The best way to hear sound in a new way is to write a “found objects” piece of music or music with found objects (I swear this is a real thing but all I could find on wiki was the equivalent art version… but you get the idea). Hopefully you will start off excited, quickly feel angry that there aren’t more “sound” options, and then get SUPER creative. Bottom line here’s the deal: time yourself at 10 minutes. Take the spoon and maybe a sheet of paper. Think about expressing the sound of the spoon as it is, or how the spoon expresses when it hits something foreign like a glass or your roommate. When time is up, pencils down and record what you have. I like to


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Published: 2012-01-31 05:47:11
Songwriting Tips: Finding Your Voice Part 1

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