Singing is an activity that brings one very close to nature, one’s own nature. It has both – a cerebral and an emotional connection. From legends to celebrity singers to amateurs to music lovers, the form of art is more than a skill for one and all; it is a transcendental experience. And therefore, learning this art form and taking voice lessons with the right technique from accomplished masters is truly a fulfilling experience for a lifetime.

The language of music is universal. A student who learns this language enriches himself – both emotionally and intellectually. Singing teaches an individual the art of harmony, with every syllable, note and rhythm, and ultimately with nature.

As songwriters, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. Sometimes you’ll finish a brand new song only to realize that it’s almost exactly like one of the tracks you released a year ago. Stylistic consistency can be a good thing for your brand, but your fans want to hear improvement and growth, not the same sort of thing over and over again, year after year. If you’ve become too attached to your songwriting method, it might be time to get out of your songwriting comfort zone. Here are 4 ways to break out of your shell and try something new as a songwriter.

Are you a music lover? So am I, especially piano. I love listening to the classic jazz and the contemporary music but more than that I love playing it. Music is like meditation for all those who are interested in it. However, you would hardly find anybody who doesn’t like music. Even if you don’t possess the knowledge of music, listening to it is always soothing, isn’t it?
if you are taking piano lessons, go through the article below and learn the effective techniques of learning it faster.