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Have a fantastic song somewhere in your head that you are just dying to get out but you just can’t seem to do it?

Professional Songwriter Finally Exposes His Hot Tips, Tricks, And Inside Techniques On How You Can Write Unique, Powerful, And Catchy Songs Anytime You Want.

You Can Finally Write Powerful Songs With Complete Ease With “Professional Songwriting Secrets

  • Find out how to effortlessly write a great melodies that actually SOUND GOOD.
  • Find out how to never run ‘dry’ when develop topics to write about.
  • Uncover the secret professional techniques that will enable you to write lyrics for the verse, chorus, bridge or middle eight. without stalling
  • Discover the ingeniously simple secret pro’s have been using  for years to writing songs WITHOUT any music what so ever
  • Learn the very BEST ways to build a climax for your song.and make your song sound like it’s going somewhere
  • Uncover the secrets that make a perfect verse and a killer hook
  • Find out how to ‘connect’ your lyrics to your melodies
  • Discover what to do when you’ve just totally run out of idea’s
  • Discover what section of the song you should ALWAYS start writing first
  • Learn to use simple, yet incredibly effective rhyming schemes and write them with total ease.
  • Learn to easily convey your ‘thoughts & feelings’ into your lyrics and translate them into a great song every time!
  • Uncover other formats you can structure your song that can translate into wonderful tunes.
  • Discover this surprising technique to make use of gaps, pauses and syncopation in your melodies & lyrics.making your song irresistibly interesting.
  •  Find out how to write songs for different ‘styles’.
  • Discover embarrassingly simple chords sequences that make up most hit songs.
  •   Discover the closely guarded secrets of writing a ‘catchy song’ versus a ‘credible song’– learn the insider tricks for writing for the masses while maintaining your vision and your credibility…
  •  Find out the shocking truth about playing an piano or guitar and songwriting
  • Uncover the professional songwriting methods for writing songs in variety of moods in song

…and that is just a tiny fraction of what you’ll find out in the 4 hours+ Professional Songwriting Secrets – and believe me, that’s just the very tip of the iceberg.

Using this information, there is no doubt that you’ll unleash the songwriter in you — and once you do, the only problem you’ll have is knowing when to quit writing for the day because you won’t want to stop!

There will be guessing what to do next when writing a song.

Songwriting will be de-mystified and the process will become crystal clear for you, no matter what your weakness is – melody, lyrics, chords connecting, starting point, subjects, topics, killer hooks, killer verses or song structure.

Stop struggling and start writing – Get your Professional Songwriting Secrets today.

Order Professional Songwriting Secrets Course

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  1. Is this a download,, I am a Lyric Writer & would like to have this
    offer .. Is it also good for me as a Lyricist

    • The program is primarily audios that you can download. It come some additional bonus as well. A great resource for lyricist as well as music composers.

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