A Songwriter’s Path to Conquer Fear

A Songwriter’s Path to Conquer Fear

Have you ever strummed your guitar while daydreaming about being a successful songwriter? Are you experiencing stress and fear taking over the way you think? You are not alone, though. Let’s discuss overcoming that fear. Get your groove on the path to success by beginning now.

Shredding Fear Like Guitar Riffs

You’ve heard the expression “think positive.” Positive thinking isn’t always enough. There are times when you need more than positive thoughts as a songwriter. It is up to you to triumph over the worry and fear preventing you from moving forward. Like when you’re crafting a killer guitar riff, there are moments when you have to play it through.

No judgment for feeling the fear; the real deal is not letting it silence your creative chords. Keep strumming, no matter what.

Navigating Fear: Chords and Checklists

Fear can disrupt your rhythm if you stand still for a long period of time, much as a difficult chord change. What then do you do if terror has you under its control?

  1. Consider the Source: Where’s the fear coming from? Are you too focused on the difficulties instead of the opportunities? Maybe you’ve been listening to the wrong crowd. If so, grab your guitar and change your tune – get away from people and situations that drag you down.
  2. Check Your Progress: Take a glance at your songwriting checklist. See those goals and baby steps? Jot down everything you’ve accomplished on a separate sheet or your computer. It’s like building your song – note by note. This empowers you to strum through and leave fear behind.
  3. Tune into Your Talents: Fear loves to whisper, “You don’t have what it takes.” Let’s call it what it is – a big fat liar. List your songwriting skills, all your positive attributes. Now, look at the problem again with a fresh appreciation for your God-given talents and abilities.
  4. Pray It Out: Whether you’re spiritual or not, there’s something powerful about releasing your fears. Don’t bottle it up – let it go. You don’t need that fear in your creative mix. Trust in the higher power of your music and let the fear chords fade away.

Facing Fear: Unplugged Wisdom

Remember this when fear’s knocking on your creativity’s door:

  • F= False
  • E= Evidence
  • A= Appearing
  • R= Real

Fear often tries to strum an unrealistic tune, attempting to make you believe it’s real. But as songwriters, we know better.

Use this information to conquer fear. Move forward to the next verse of your successful songwriting journey. So take your guitar, turn it up loud, and make some crazy melodies.

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