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Sometimes you will need a little nudge in order to get your creative juices flowing. Below you will find a songwriting app that creates idea prompts that will help you get started. A prompt is designed to cause or bring about an action or feeling. That is how you should use this app. Bookmark this page and visit it anytime you need some inspiration to get started writing a song.


Simple Starting Points – Write a song about holidays.

Use this area to brainstorm and write your ideas based on the above prompt. To save your work just copy and paste your work into your favorite text editor.

note: your work will not be saved once you leave this page.

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  1. Kayedi Chapman says:

    Waking up in the morning, Trying to get it all done. Don’t you see that I’m breaking, now that you’re gone. Rain pours down the window frame, going home tonight. Trying to decide. Left or right?

  2. george says:


  3. george says:


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  • Songwriter Tip:

    While all songs do not rhyme, the vast majority of really successful songs do. Consider using this wonderful tool to aid your songs. Take caution though because cliche, boring, predictable rhymes can ruin any song. Often a new writer gets so tied up in rhyming that the rhymes force the song to use words that sound like the words were picked simply because they rhymed, not because they helped the song. Don’t get discouraged. Like anything, writing good songs takes practice and some effort. A rhyme works best when it seems like it was an accident that words rhymed, and the lyrics are so fresh that the rhyming isn’t even noticed, the song just has that ‘effect’ of all fitting together somehow and rhymes were a part of that. Rhymes should not be in the way; they should be like the icing on the cake that made it taste better.

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