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  • Masters of Songwriting


    Masters of Songwriting


    Masters of Songwriting is not just another instruction guide on how to write and market songs. this course will definitely change the way you approach songwriting. When you get this course, you will get the downloadable e-book that will show you how to market your songs, how to license your songs and make money and how to think like an successful songwriter.

    With this resource you’ll learn how to arrange yours songs, how to record your songs on an affordable budget, techniques for negotiating deals, how to license your songs in order to make money. Plus you learn how to develop the mindset that will make you think like a songwriter.

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  • Sale! Superior Songwriting Package


    Superior Songwriting

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    As a songwriter you most likely want to improve your ability to write songs. Superior Songwriting can guide you through the process. Songwriting can be taught and is not just a random creative process. There is a skill and craft involved. This course is a structured system to help you go about the songwriting process. Avoid creative blocks with method to move you forward. If you want to be more proficient this course can move you in the right direction.

    With this resources you will not only learn how to write songs, you will also learn how to promote your songs. You song could end up in oblivion no matter how great it is if you don’t understand the principles the the song pitch. You will learn the truth about all the “hit” songs that you’ve been listening to all these years, and realize that they are build on a specific formula. Superior Songwriting WILL give you that formula.

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  • How to Write Song That Sell by Anthony Ceseri


    Write Songs That Sell


    This songwriting resource outlines specific and effective techniques for writing melodies, lyrics, chord progressions and even new song ideas.  The best information on melody writing, lyric writing, chord progressions and even coming up with song ideas. Teaches you two methods for writing a song from start to finish. There’s a ton of songwriting information in this package that will get you writing better melodies, lyrics and chord progressions in no time.

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