My name is John Pape and I am the creator of the Mastering Melodies online course.

I want to help you to learn how to write songs, because you have something to share with the world.  A well crafted song will help you spread your ideas and message to the world. That is my motivation for this specific course.

Writing songs can be a rewarding experience.  However, it is sometimes difficult to write a quality song. That is why I created this course help songwriter learn how to write excellent songs.  This is specifically true when composing a melody.

Ever since I was young I’ve enjoyed and been involved somehow with music.  Formerly with the group Escape a Christian Heavy Metal/Hard Rock group and the group JonniMaxx

I am also a board member of the San Diego Songwriter’s Guild where I also maintain their website, set up events and a board member..

I am  members of the following organizations the American Society of Composers, Artist, Performers (ASCAP), Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI),

What I Do

  • Musician – I play guitar and currently a worship leader
  • Songwriter – I’ve written several songs both Christian Worship, Alternative and Commercial.
  • Author – I wrote the book “Building a House of Worship” a ebook designed to help worship leader build a better more effective music ministry.
  • Graphic Design – I create web layouts, logos and illustrations Visit my portfolio
  • Web Designer/Developer – I also build websites

Where you can find me

My Goal For this Site

  • The purpose of this site is to share ideas, concepts and thoughts with you.
  • If you are creative, love to write songs and music you are in the right place.
  • Be warned this blog’s purpose  is to influence and challenge  your opinions, decisions and way of viewing the world.
  • It is my desire that the information provided will edify, encourage, educate and entertain you with the goal of helping you to live more enriched lives.
  • The information shared will challenge your to go beyond your current bounds to the point where you will  live a better, fuller, more nobly because you visited the site.

This website is a continual work in progress.  As new items and programs come online, you will get the opportunity to benefit from these things.

Who do we serve?

The primary user of this website is the songwriter.  We strive to include resources that can be used to further your songwriting career.

The Next Big Thing

There are plans to create a comprehensive, full service mentoring where you can learn the art and craft of writing your song.