Songwriting: I Let Go: Music Exploration

Showing the process of writing a Twist of Zen song from an idea — in this case one of Leon’s poems. Shown here is an exploration of testing different sounds. I’m using a Fender Mexican Telecaster equipped with some EMG’s and an Epiphone ES 335 to see which sound I like better and also to see which one plays easier with an E-Bow, which will be utilized in the final recording. Since the basic chord structure has already been worked out (See the Songwriting Video) I’m just exploring some of the subtleties of what may or may not appear later. There is no beauty here. Just exploration. The finesse will come once the drum tracks and other guitar and bass parts are recorded. As will be shown in the next video.

Author: TwistOfZenG
Duration: 452
Published: 2012-03-04 02:54:43
Songwriting: I Let Go: Music Exploration

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