How Yamaha P115 Can Help You Play the Piano Better

Play the Piano Better KeyboardNo matter which skill level you belong to, there is still always room for improvement – even for the advanced and the professionals.

Take your piano playing skill up a notch or two by using the best digital keyboard available. The Yamaha P115 is perfect for all levels namely, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and professional.

But how exactly can you take your piano playing skills to the next level using this instrument? Read on to find out.

The P115 is Packed with Incredible Features

With its new and improved features, added functions and lovely matte finish, this instrument has everything that you need to take your musical experience to a higher level. It has both the physical and technical aspects you will need as a keyboardist.

To make the long story short, it ultimately makes your life a lot easier. It has an advanced connectivity function. Not only will you be able to connect it to a laptop or a tablet, but you can also connect it to an iPad or iPod.

Using an App called Digital Piano Controller, which is iOS compatible, you can now use your iPad or iPod to control the piano. Changing its settings and manipulating its functions is now super easy and convenient.

Another unique feature it has is the signature Intelligent Acoustic Control of the Yamaha P-series. This acts as an equalizer for tonal balance. It adjusts the sound of the notes coming out of the keys, regardless of the level of volume.

As if these are not enough, it has unique functions including the Damper Resonance and the Sound Boost.

Damper Resonance allows for a longer and more controllable sustain. It makes your music sound more surreal. On the other hand, the Sound Boost gives life to your music by refining the tones and making them sound a bit brighter.

Using these functions and controls, you will be able to play the keys better than ever.

It guarantees ease of use.

Yamaha P115 SongwritingYou can improve your skills by using a user-friendly keyboard. P115 has functions and controls that are so easy to manipulate. Even beginners will not have a hard time figuring things out from the first day of use.

If you have been using the real classic piano for the longest time, you will not have a hard time shifting to this digital piano. Why?

Simply because it is keys are constructed in a similar fashion as the traditional piano —the Graded Hammer Standard keyboard.

On the one hand, if you started with a digital piano, you will not have a hard time. It has familiar controls and functions standard to digital keyboards that you love. Some of which include the metronome, transpose, Split Mode, and Dual Mode.

In case you do not know, Metronome controls the beat of the music.

Musicians use this, so they will not get lost in the rhythm and keep a constant tempo throughout the song, while transpose refers to the shifting of music scale from low to high or vice versa.

Split Mode is the function in which the sound of the keys is divided into two different effects. Half of the keys sound distinct from the other half.

Dual Mode layers two effects that play together when you press any key.

These are all relatively easy to use. When you are confident that the instrument you are playing is not too complicated after all, you become more comfortable. This will help you play the keys effortlessly.

P115 May Have All the Effects Every Piano Player Needs

Keyboard HeadphonesYamaha proudly displays 14 voices, powerful reverb functions, and the Duo Mode in this new P-series model.

The P115 has piano, strings, and bass effects that you can supplement with reverb effects such as Concert Hall, Recital Hall, or Salon. These will take your effects to a dreamy state.

You can be a solo musician, or you can be in a band. Either way, these effects are incredibly important in creating the elements of your music, regardless of what genre you are playing.

Familiarizing these effects will take your keyboard skills to a higher level.

In composing a song, you will need a catchy beat and unforgettable melodies to go along harmoniously with your lyrics. Using this keyboard, your songwriting experience will become more exciting.

Author: Briana Renee
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