Song Evaluation and Critique Service

Learn How to Write Songs is offering song critiqes to help songwriter's improve their skills. A song critique will provide you with useful feedback and evaluation of your work. Save yourself time and money by "fine tuning" your song before you record your demo. Find out if your song needs some minor tweaks and adjustment or a complete renovation before you commit valuable resources. Getting feedback during the writing process can be tremendously useful to a songwriter.

Submit your song for a song critique and evaluation. In return for your submission fee, we will listen to your song. After serveral listeneings we will provide you with a critique of your song. You will also get helpful hints on how you can improve the quality of your song. Elements of the song will be examined then explained to you in a infomative written review. This helpful critique that will take your song to the next level.

Critique subjects include lyrics, song form, melody, orginality,, production, vocal performance, commercial viability and any thing else that needs be addressed. It is very important to get feedback on your song before submitting your song to real competitive pitches.

Start Your Submission

To submit your songs for evaluation, you will need an audio MP3 file of the song and a copy of your song lyrics.

STEP ONE - Pay submission fee of $25 for the song you want critiqued.

STEP TWO - Once your fee is accepted, you will be directed to a form where you can enter your contact information, song lyrics, and upload your an MP3 of your song.

STEP THREE - Your song will be critiqued by our staff and once complete you will get a detailed report.