Q19 Songwriting tips for lyricists, poets and songwriters

Question 19: A top music publisher in Nashville is interested in publishing one of my songs, but I’m not sure of all the legalities they are talking about. Should I consult a lawyer who is familiar with the music business before I sign anything? All I can say to this question is this: It is always a good idea to have a qualified attorney look over any major contract before you sign it. This just makes good sense in any business, and YES, Songwriting is a business just like any other business, with huge profits to be made. Should you consult a lawyer who is familiar with the music business? YES, if at all possible. Entertainment and Music Business lawyers know all the ins and out’s of the music business. ADDENDUM: I just want to add that this is all related to signing major contracts like in Music Publishing, or having your song recorded by some major artist. You don’t really need to sign a contract with a co-writer when you’re writing a song together.However I haved signed co-writer contracts with collaborators but only because they wanted it. They wanted something in writing. It’s not really neccessary though when co-writing with somebody. songsculptor.com Richard Melvin Brown (Songsculptor) provides a helping hand to lyricists (with little or no musical ability) in realizing their dreams of becoming a Professional Songwriter. Can you write a GREAT lyric but can’t carry a tune in a bucket? If so visit us on the web at http

Author: TheSongsculptor
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Published: 2011-03-20 21:36:22
Q19 Songwriting tips for lyricists, poets and songwriters

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