Ottawa Songwriting Workshops – How to Convey Emotion with Your Lyric – Artist Development Coach Randy Young (http hosted the SAC Ottawa Writers Group Meeting #1 This monthly songwriting workshop focused on the idea that songs are a form of emotional communication. Our first step in exploring this concept was with lyric. Specifically, How to convey emotion with your lyric. The songwriters faced the challenge on conveying a chosen emotion, without directly referring to it in the lyric. The lyrics were exchanged and interpreted by other writers. This fuelled a discussion about specific tips, trick and strategies on how to convey emotion with your lyric. Join the conversation and share your thoughts and ideas on this subject here… How do you convey emotion in your lyrics?

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Published: 2010-08-06 19:48:55
Ottawa Songwriting Workshops – How to Convey Emotion with Your Lyric

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  • Songwriter Tip:

    Some songs that use the Ôlaundry list’ technique in their lyric will use imagery that is the opposite of the title/hook. The way this works is the list could be comprised of all the things that the protagonist in the song will allow the object of his/her desires, but the hook revolves around what he/she won’t allow. Listen to the lyrics of ÒAchy Braky Heart’ for a good example of this (I know, I know, we all want the shoot the man who wrote it, but I couldn’t find a better exampleÉsorry.)

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