working the process of songwriting

My wife and I listened to a young lady last night. She has so many lyrics and she has melodies, but I was encouraging her, coaxing her, almost pressing upon her to place the voice into the music. I told her to sing it This is sort of a ‘documentary” of me re-working one of my songs. I am trying to find the correct sound for it, and I am also reworking some of the lyrics. I think as a songwriter– the main emphasis is on the Lyric– and then there is equal reflection placed upon “what do I clothe” this message with? Is there a reason I will choose a minor dischordant chordal structure and then transistion it to a major Key? All of these go through my damaged brain… in the end, it is a struggle to point someone towards Jesus, to bring Glory to God in whatever way I can. It is a call to “think upon these things”. It is a response to the LORD in the Old Testament when He challenges us “Stop, let us reason together”. I hope this video ( probably viewed by 4-5 people) will help someone.

Author: BabyAlbatrossMusic
Duration: 202
Published: 2012-04-20 21:18:24
working the process of songwriting

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    There are some other techniques, however, that can effectively assist the main hook in its task of engaging and maintaining listener attention. Secondary hooks are simply supplementary and often-unexpected auditory ‘treats’ that delight the ear and keep the listener tuned into the song.

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