How to create the Phrygian mode and harmonize it with the correct chords in Ableton Live

How to quickly create chords from any scale or mode. In this example I’ve entered the notes of the phrygiam mode and then very quickly extracted all the harmonic chords using Ableton’s folding technique. I could have used any scale or mode and generated the harmonic chords. Usuage: Lets say you have a melody in a particular key/scale/mode and you want to harmonize it with the correct chords…well once you understand the basic technique presented here it can be applied to all known scales and modes with very little music theory knowledge. My website has a full written tutorial as well as links for free useful utilties for improving your songwriting skills including the FREE nutchords utility which I’ve used in this tutorial for generating the Phrygian mode itself.

Author: chordengine
Duration: 283
Published: 2010-06-14 22:09:39
How to create the Phrygian mode and harmonize it with the correct chords in Ableton Live

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