How To Write Lyrics – Practice And Analyze This is the start of a short video series about writing lyrics. For a lot of people, it’s hard to just jump in and start doing this naturally. Yet it’s such an important facet of songwriting! In this installment, you’ll learn the most important tip I have for always getting better and more consistent with it. You’ll also learn how to start developing your own style. Warning YOU are going to have to do most of the work. There’s only so much I can tell you! If you have any extra tips or thoughts, please post a comment and share.

Author: SurrealMusic88
Duration: 129
Published: 2011-12-21 18:46:24
How To Write Lyrics [1 & 2 – Practice And Analyze]

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  • Songwriter Tip:

    Many times not playing a musical instrument is more of a help than a hindrance. Too many aspiring songwriters will play a couple of chords on their instrument and sing only the notes that go with those particular chords. While sometimes this is OK, what usually happens is that the resulting melody when sung A Capella (without instruments) is usually flat and somewhat boring. In fact, a good test for all the melodies that you come up with is to sing them A Capella and see if you wake up at two in the morning with the song still in your head.

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