How To Have a Career As a Rock Star

Many aim for the glorious life of a rock and roll star, but only the talented, fearless, and tough make it. To complete this How-To you will need: A band Practice space Songwriting talent A press kit with demo tape A web site CDs An agent A music industry consultant

Step 1: Study musicians you admire and incorporate aspects of their style.

Step 2: Practice your music and rehearse with your band. The most successful musicians are the hardest working.

Step 3: Write your own songs and keep the music fresh. Tip: Include band members in creating new sounds and lyrics.

Step 4: Play everywhere you can to earn name recognition and gain experience.

Step 5: Develop a press kit with a demo CD, and ask other musicians for contacts to send it to. Tip: A music industry consultant has connections and can offer advice.

Step 6: Market yourself on web sites — including your own — and build a mailing list to email updates. Sell CDs on tour and release at least some of your music for free on your web site.

Step 7: Land a recording contract and get an agent.

Step 8: Enjoy your hard-won stardom and continue to grow by staying in touch with your fans

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  • Songwriter Tip:

    Another problem inherent in choosing form by the ‘automatic’ or ‘intuitive’ approach is the songwriting equivalent of painting yourself into a corner. By the time you have completed the exposition of the ‘story’ in your song, you may have a five minute song that you really wanted to be three minutes. Many times, when this occurs it’s because of the form you chose in the beginning. You’re now faced with a rewrite that might include a restructuring of the whole song.

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