Diary Of An Indie Artist – Are you a songwriter? (Episode 2)

Second day, second episode! This ain’t gonna be like this everyday, just so you know! I was just writing a song Lorena Ares, an amazing 12 yo singer (check her out at www.lorenaares.com mad pipes!), and I thought I could talk about songwriting. Here you have my view! Hope you enjoy it! PS: BTW, don’t mind my hair… I was just up to my hair to repeat cuts, so I wasn’t gonna repeat it again because that hair was sticking out. LOL! You can visit my blog at: www.indieartistdiary.ireneb.com For questions, please email me at indieartistdiary@ireneb.com Para mi blog en espanol visita: www.diario.ireneb.com Para preguntas en espanol diario@ireneb.com Tambien puedes escucharnos cada martes en Radio Exterior, en el programa “Me Lo Dices O Me Lo Cantas”: www.rtve.es *Disclaimer: This is NOT legal advice, for expert legal advice contact an entertainment lawyer

Author: IreneBTV
Duration: 279
Published: 2012-01-02 19:04:06
Diary Of An Indie Artist – Are you a songwriter? (Episode 2)

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    What makes your music unique? How does your art form stand differently than the millions of other songs that have emerged throughout time? More importantly, do you have a vision for yourself as a musician? Let’s face it; if you’re in a hard rock band, we can conclude that there are thousands upon thousands of hard rock groups currently out there. Vision is that extra identity that makes your music different.

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