Song Anatomy – Mistakes to Avoid – Best Practices

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What does it take to make a great song?  This video provides an overview of the various elements that goes into making a great song.

Each of the item presented when incorporated in your songwriting will help you write better songs.  Here is what is covered in this presentation…

  1. Start with a Great Title
  2. Catchy Hook
  3. Lyrics with a Universal Topic
  4. Melody a Common Person Can Sing
  5. Rhyming Scheme
  6. Song Structure Build Strong Songs
  7. Chord Progressions
  8. Set a Time Limit
  9. Production and Presentation

Failure to include any one of these vital elements can cause your song to be weak.  Your comments are welcome.

Song Anatomy Flow Chart

Songwritng Flow Chart - Song Anatomy

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2 Responses to Song Anatomy – Mistakes to Avoid – Best Practices

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  2. Crinn says:

    I would just like to thank you for such great information! I have a Songwriting website with the intentions of selling song rights someday….I appreciate your site!!! You Guys are wonderfully generous to not be charging for your instruction, and at the same time, leaving encouragement for aspiring Writers! Thanks again!

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  • Songwriter Tip:

    The creative part of songwriting is only the first chapter in the saga of making a song into a hit. After the song is finished, it has to be demo-ed, registered with the US Copyright Office, and professionally pitched to publishers, producers and artists who can ‘take the song to the world.’ All of this takes time and effort and if there are two or more writers involved in the creation of the song, they also can share the work and expense involved in getting exposure for the song. One of the co-writers may have a home studio and be very good in producing professional quality demos, while the other co-writer’s strength may be in making the contacts necessary to ‘pitch’ the song. As with the songwriting process itself, the co-writers can each contribute their own expertise and skills to see that the song receives maximum exposure and opportunity for success.