Overview Songwriting Software – Calkwalk SONAR X2 – Digital Audio Workstation

Learn how you can use this songwriting software to help you in your music productions. Here is a comprehensive walk through of Cakewalk’s SONAR X2 with Brandon Ryan and Seth Perlstein. Watch and learn the many features that will help you with your audio production.

Smart Grid which automatically adjusts its snap and grid resolution based on zoom level.

ProChannel FX Chains to create a single powerful more effects processor that are easily customizable

R-MIX SONAR allows you to perform audio fixing or creatively generate new sounds

Breverb SONAR allows you to add high caliber reverb to your audio productions

the Console Emulator module emulates some analog console characteristics. Analog circuitry has subtle distortions that accumulate in the signal path,

Product Features

  • Unlimited audio & MIDI tracks
  • Enhanced award winning Skylight interface
  • Seamless usability & workflow
  • REVERB SONAR VST and REVERB SONAR ProChannel module
  • 59 audio and MIDI effects

Cakewalk Sonar X2 Producer DAW Songwriting Software

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