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Build Songs with Songwriting Tools

January 24th, 2014 by

Red Guitar Build Songs songwriting tools
The Learn How to Write Songs website has many songwriting tools to help stimulate creative ideas.  Here is a collection of those tool in one single post.  Keep in mind these tools were not created to automatically write a song for you, they were created to help songwriters acquire ideas to help write a song.  Sometimes all that is needed is a simple idea to get started. Here are app you can use to build songs…

Create a Song Prompt

Prompts are a great way to seed an idea.  Use the prompt idea as a starting point to create a song story.  Here is a song prompt you can start with… (more…)

Songwriting: You Can Do It!

December 7th, 2012 by

Songwriting: You Can Do It! Pieces to the PuzzleIf there is anything that keeps a songwriter from realizing success is the attitude of confidence. A positive attitude can only take you so far. You must have full confidence in your ability to write songs. This is important for songwriters to understand.

Start with the right attitude

You may ask yourself “How can I have that confidence?” You may feel that you suck at songwriting or you believe that other successful songwriter’s don’t struggle at their craft. Well here some advice – Get over it!

Identify your struggles

The truth is nearly every songwriter struggles with songwriting. Struggling with self-esteem means you are looking at how you compare with other songwriter’s and using that to measure your success.  As a result you become your own worse enemy.


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  • Songwriter Tip:

    While it is true that you can use any form and insure a maximum amount of both repetition and musical interest, always remember that a spare lyric at a slower tempo has more of an obligation to be interesting. You’re making the listener wait for that lyric to unfold, and it had better be worth the wait. The same is true of the music.