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The Power Of Songs

Walking Down the Road GuitarWhat does a car ride, a wedding ceremony and any great party have in common? Many things probably, but one thing they have in common for sure is songs. Think about it. So many of our daily activities and our special events include special songs.

Think about the things you love to do during the day. Love to watch television? Pretty much any television show is filled with the songs of different musical artists. Do you prefer to go to the mall and shop? If so, take time to listen in each store you enter because you will find that songs make up the background noise at every shopping mall. If you are anything like me you cannot stand being in the car for more than a few minutes without turning on the radio or putting a tape in your player. Why? Because we love to hear songs. The next time you see someone out for a run on your street look closely and you very well might see a small mp3 player or another musical device that is pumping songs of inspiration into their ears as they exercise. Continue reading »

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Writing Your Own Songs

Songwriting Time  by Adrian F

Whether you are a teenager or are well into your golden years, it is never too late to explore your creative side, especially if you are interested in music. Songwriting is an excellent way to express your thoughts and feelings and to communicate them to your friends and family, even if you have no aspirations of musical fame or fortune. If you are interested in selling or performing your songs, however, you should be aware that it is a hard road and that very few songwriters achieve great fame or fortune, and especially not instantly. Nonetheless, if you have realistic expectations, you will find that writing music is a worthwhile experience whether it is a hobby or a profession. Continue reading »

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How to Start Your Next Song

Graph Showing Ways Songwriters Start Songs

Over the past few months the Learn How to Write Songs website conducted a poll asking songwriters ‘How Do You Start Writing Songs?‘  The poll listed several common ways songwriters begin creating a song.

The purpose in conducting this poll stems from the different opinions regarding how to start a song.  I was curious what was the most popular way and then share it with my readers.

There is no right or wrong way to start writing a song.  Each artist has a preference.  That is what is revealed here.  Whether you start with music, chord or words can influence the outcome of the song. It show that there are diverse ways in which to start writing a song. The most important thing for a songwriter to consider is to just start writing. Continue reading »

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19 Ways to Improve Creativity in Your Songwriting

Songwriting is a creative activity.  Sometimes songwriters need a shot of motivation to get creative juices flowing.  Here is a list of 19 ways to kick start those creative juices.

1) Make Lists

checklist BoardLists are great ways to come up with ideas.   In the case of songwriting, you can start a list of words and ideas that relate to the song you are working on.  Lists can also morph in to process by listing various tasks and placing them in sequential order. Songwriting is a process and a list can help keep you on track.

2) Carry a Notebook Everywhere

41qHJqGQQmL._SL125_[1]You never know when an idea will strike.  You could be anywhere and a great song title or song concept will jump out at you.  If you have a notebook handy it is a simple task to open it up and write it down.  Now you don’t have to rely on your memory to hold that idea.  Open your notebook later and you will have your ideas ready to work on. Continue reading »

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How to Become a Better Songwriter

Become A Better Songwriter

When you love doing something there is motivation to become better at that activity.  Songwriting is no exception.  Most dedicated songwriters want to become better songwriters.  When you approach songwriting with the attitude of getting more knowledge and skills the result will be quality songs.

There are several different elements in songwriting.  There is lyric aspect and the musical aspect. The big chicken and egg controversy amongst songwriters is which way to start a song.  There are those who start with lyrics and those that begin with music.  I guess it depends on the individual on what element to start. Continue reading »

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What is a Melody?

Melody on Music Staff

A song’s melody is perhaps the most important element of the song.  Writing a good melody should not be difficult. However the songwriter must understand certain principles associated with writing a good melody.

The bedrock of music belongs to the melody.  One of the most important aspects that make a great song lies in the melody.  Melody is what makes a song memorable. Continue reading »

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Compose A Melody Using Dice and Coins

Music Composing Dice and Coin

Here is a technique you can use to create and write melodies.  All you need is a few everyday items to compose an unlimited number of melody ideas. This will help you when you need to generate new melody ideas.  Here is what you will need to get started:

  1. Dice
  2. Coins
  3. Pencil
  4. Staff paper to record notes
  5. Container to toss dice and coins
  6. Instrument to play the melody
  7. Optional – Notation Software

Continue reading »

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Taking Music Lessons Online – 4 Benefits


Guest Post by Dhiren

The Internet opens up wonders wherever it touches and in this more than ever, it has become an integral part of almost everything. The same can be said about education. The internet has changed the way we learn and assimilate information. This very much applies to the instruction of music as well. Continue reading »

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Songwriting Rhythm Patterns

Rhythm Pattern Matrix

When a composer writes a melody they work with two basic elements.  These elements are tone and rhythm.  Tone is the pitch and rhythm is the duration of the note being played.  Let’s take a look at rhythm.  For this exercise I limited shortest note duration to a quarter note.  What I found was there are only 16 rhythm pattern combinations.  In the info-graphic is the result of those patterns. Continue reading »

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Music Scales for Songwriters

Piano Major Scale

At the heart of every song is the melody.  The melody is a mix of tones and rhythmic patterns.  In order to create a melody there needs to be a musical scale.  The scale for the songwriter is like the pallet for the painter.  The painter has on the pallet various paint colors that can be mixed to create new colors that are added to the canvas to render a picture.

Think of the music scale as the raw material for a melody. The music scale is the basis for all musical theory. Continue reading »

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How to Improve Songwriting Abilities


If you have a desire to write great songs it is vital that you improve your ability to write songs.  Learning how to write great songs in not really that difficult to do.  Learn what other great songwriters are doing and emulate what they do.  That way you are not re-inventing the wheel.  Listen and learn from successful songwriters and study what works.

Listen to what works

The first step that will help you write better songs is to listen to the radio or Internet music sites.  Go to the Billboard Music Charts to discover what songs people like.  Know what people like will give you ideas of what makes a successful song.  It will give you a pulse of the current trends.  This is especially true if you write songs in a specific genre. Continue reading »

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Three Important Ingredients To Make Music

Music, Tone, Harmony, Rhythm

There is a universal love for music built into the soul of mankind.  From the very day we are born to the day we die, music surrounds our lives.  Music is a universal language that affects the way we act or feel.  As a music composer, it is important to understand the fundamental elements that make music.  To get understanding, there are three key elements that make music what it is.  These elements include: Continue reading »

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Lyric Writing Tools


Tools make things easier. That is why lyric writing tools are so important in the song creation process. Imagine trying to drive a nail into a board with your fist.  Not only would it be painful, it would not do the job properly. Now imagine driving that same nail using a hammer.  It is so much easier to accomplish the task using the correct tool.  As a songwriter you need to build a tool kit.

Having the proper tools is vital to the songwriting process. Taking the nail example, imagine again driving the nail into the board.  Except this time use a screwdriver.  Obviously the screwdriver is ineffective in driving the nail.  The same thing is true with lyric writing tools.  It is important to use the right tool. Continue reading »

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5 Things You Can Do to Take Your Songwriting to the Next Level

Headphone Music

You’ve started to write songs.  You really enjoy creating these songs.  Up to now it has only been a hobby but now you want to take it more seriously.  You’re creating some great sounding songs, but now it’s time to improve your skills as a songwriter.  Here are some ways to help you move to the next level in your songwriting.

Learn Music Theory

Understanding music theory can help you with the inner workings of how music is put together.  To get start you need to pick up a good music theory book or enroll in lessons.  The essence of music theory will help you learn about scales, chords, rhythms, harmony.  Learning these elements in music will make you a better songwriter. Continue reading »

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Writing a Great Song Chorus

Write Your Ideas

The most powerful part of any song is its chorus. A chorus can be in your face or it can be subtle. A poorly written chorus will get lost in the overall song. Therefore it is important to craft a great chorus that stand out in the song you are writing.  Here are some tips to help you with writing a great chorus for your song.

1.  Bookend the Hook

You need a hook in your chorus.  To make it more memorable, place the hook and the start and end of the chorus. This technique is called “book ending”.  “Book ending” provides the listener repeated exposure to the main hook.  In turn, they have a clear understanding of the key idea of the song. Continue reading »

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